Dark Signs J

Welcome to the home of Dark Signs J, an advanced console based hacking game!
Dark Signs J is a Java port of a game called 'Dark Signs' which is not longer available.

version system type download
1.10 windows zip DarkSignsJ-1.10-windows.zip
linux tar.gz DarkSignsJ-1.10-linux.tar.gz
other * zip DarkSignsJ-1.10.zip
1.08 windows zip DarkSignsJ-1.08-windows.zip
linux tar.gz DarkSignsJ-1.08-linux.tar.gz
other * zip DarkSignsJ-1.08.zip
1.07 windows zip DarkSignsJ-1.07-windows.zip
linux tar.gz DarkSignsJ-1.07-linux.tar.gz
other * zip DarkSignsJ-1.07.zip
1.06 windows zip DarkSignsJ-1.06-windows.zip
installer DarkSignsJ_1.06.exe
linux tar.gz DarkSignsJ-1.06-linux.tar.gz
other * zip DarkSignsJ-1.06.zip
* not bundled with jre
- requirement: openjdk 18
- start with: java -jar DarkSignsJ-<version>.jar