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Still active?
Hi is this game still being developed?
Yes, the development was just on hold due to personal matters.
But i released a new version today.

Hopefully without too many bugs  Angel
Just returned after 6 seasons, going to gym rat for the rest of this season and next. Looks like theres maybe 4-6 active full teams still remaining in Classic, how many of you are still active regularly?
Dont know where this belongs, but I hope this is ok.

I emailed МодельХобби-Оренбург on the 4th of March with a few questions regarding some models Im interested. So far I havent heard anything from them. The website is still up, which at least gives the impression that they are still active. But maybe someone on here knows more?
Checking in after a long time away, and wow, Aggie. I am just so glad you are still with us. Sending the best vibes in your direction, for what sounds like a long recovery.

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